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The Dreamsicle's Travels

A story of "Where's the Dreamsicle"

Blog Post 10:  We Are Expanding

February 5, 2022

October 2021 welcomed a baby to our family.   Les and I purchased a 28' Refrigerated Trailer that we will use to expand our fleet in 2022.  This Pup will be used mostly within Texas for those small runs we have become known for.  More importantly, we are looking forward to expanding our customer options by using the Babysicle for customer self-distribution.  2022 is becoming an exciting year already!

Blog Post 9:  A Busy May 2021

May 15, 2021

The Dreamsicle has had an interesting month.  Our trailer was rear-ended on April 16.  We have our trailer back from repair and she is in California on her way back to Texas.  The wreck has given us the opportunity to arranging for the rental of a second Refrigerated Trailer.  Trailer 2 will help us during harvest and, with barn doors, will be a better fit for some of the loads that our customers have, such as glass bottles or barrel racks.  The agency side has been able to book several loads using other carriers within our Network.  We are so excited that we can offer this sort of support.  We've also signed a contract to sell our house in Spring, which gives us the opportunity to move closer to central Texas.  Life as we know it, will never be the same.

Blog Post 8:  The Bigger Freeze of Winter 2020-2021

February 12, 2021

Our shipping plans for wine within Texas for this week and next are on hold due to the blizzard that has hit Texas.  Les is heading West Coast bound again to keep the Dreamsicle running and to keep our business in the black.  This is not a West Coast wine run.  The plan is to have the Dreamsicle delivery in Washington state around Tuesday and look for a load back to Texas, specifically the Amarillo area.  This will put the Dreamsicle in a good position to collect one load of wine out of  the High Plains bound for the Texas Gulf Coast area.  From there, we will go back up and collect other loads on hold due to the blizzard.  Hang in there, friends!  We will get through this.

As a side note, as a kid, the heaviest snowfall I ever witnessed in circa 1972.  The snow stayed on the ground two solid days before melting away on the third day.  We lived in Baytown.  To this day, I have not seen that heavy of a snowfall in the Gulf Coast, despite the snow that we've seen since 2008, when it snowed twice in one winter.

Blog Post 7:  Home Again!!

February 8, 2021

The Dreamsicle is back in Texas!!  She is unloading in St Jo, Ivanhoe, Bullard and Nacogdoches between Monday and Tuesday.  From there, we hope to deliver wine from custom crush facilities to their winery homes.  Les and Peggy have their 9th wedding anniversary Monday February 15, so the Dreamsicle will have a small amount of downtime while they celebrate.  Give us a call and book your load today!!

Blog Post 6:  West Coast Driving Part 2

February 4, 2021

The Dreamsicle is finally heading home to Texas today.  We are loaded with bulk wine out of Washington, port wine barrels out of Sonoma, and vineyard equipment out of Washington.  She will cross the state line sometime Saturday.  With our wedding anniversary fast approaching, the Dreamsicle will likely remain in Texas and the surrounding states for about two weeks.  Does anyone have anything that needs to be shipped and delivered within Texas over the next couple of weeks?

Blog Post 5: Update to Post 4

January 26, 2020

The Dreamsicle's plans have fallen to the wayside.  That's okay, as she is highly adaptable.  The Dramsicle is still near Stockton.  She is working her way to San Francisco to delivery to Seattle on Thursday.  From there, she will pick up a load and head somewhere in Minnesota for delivery on Monday.  She will head back into Washington state to collect a few loads before winding her way back to Texas.  The Dreamsicle misses her home when she is away too long.  Can you blame her?

Blog Post 4:  New Year - West Coast Driving

January 24, 2021

The Dreamsicle is currently empty and pulling the Reefer trailer.  She is in the Stockton CA area looking for a load to get back into Texas.  Let us know what you need and WE will do what we can to make it happen.

Blog Post 3: Where's the Dreamsicle? Week of 11/29

November 29, 2020

The Dreamsicle has a big week.  

11/29 - Traveling to Nacogdoches for several wine deliveries; Trailer type - Refrigerated/Van.  Delivering in Trinidad and Rockwall.

11/30 - Leaving Rockwall and heading to the High Plains; Trailer type - Refrigerated/Van.  Expecting to collect a partial load or two before heading to Meadow and Brownfield.

12/01 - Arriving in Meadow and Brownfield to load; Trailer type - Refrigerated/Van.  Expecting to collect a partial load or two before heading to Fredericksburg and Pittsburg.

12/02 - The Dreamsicle is changing back to a Flatbed and will make a run to Florida for a NASA load, bound for California.  

We will be out of Texas, running from the east coast to the west coast and back, over the next two weeks for this adventure.

Blog Post 3: Happy Thanksgiving!  Week of 11/22 and into week of 11/29

November 23, 2020

 The Dreamsicle is taking a break this week for some well deserved maintenance.

11/29 - The Dreamsicle can be found running from Nacogdoches to the Dallas area; Trailer type - Refrigerated/Van.  This is a full load

11/30 - We will be picking up a few things to run to the high plains, where we will be picking up wine for delivery to some great Texas wineries; Trailer type - Refrigerated/Van.  We have room, so call if you have any wine to haul.

Blog Post 2: Where's the Dreamsicle? Week of 11/15

November 15, 2020

The Dreamsicle is coming back to Texas.  

11/16 - Arriving in Lancaster for a delivery; Trailer type - Step-deck.  Driving to Wilmer to change trailers.

11/17 - Leaving Wilmer; Trailer type - Refrigerated/Van.  Expecting to collect a partial load or two before heading to Meadow.

11/18 - Arriving in Meadow to unload; Trailer type - Refrigerated/Van.  Expecting to collect a partial load or two before heading to Hye.

11/19 - The rest of the week is still being planned. 

What can we do to take care of your needs this week?

Blog Post 1: A thought to a dream to reality

November 14, 2020

My husband, Les, is the big picture person in this relationship. I'm the detail-oriented person in this relationship (the one that makes it all happen). Les always has ideas popping into his head. They used to be mostly nonsense or out-and-out "Hell No!" kind of ideas. When he went back to trucking (the one thing he loves more than me), he started having ideas that actually started to make sense. In 2018, he started talking about trucking and associated ideas for the Texas wine industry. That idea had roots to it and I saw myself in that idea. So, that's sort of where it, we, and Sommelier Logistics began. Fast forward to 2020 and we are working towards checking off the list of goals to create a formidable force in the Texas trucking industry.

A lot of our customers within the Texas wine industry are small producers and their needs usually entail less than truckload requirements. With that in mind, we are going to create a weekly blog that allows customers to see where Les is, where he will be that week and what equipment he is using (Step-deck, Van or Refrigerated). Loaded with that information, if a customer has any equipment or products that could be picked up for delivery along the way, I can be contacted to coordinate your needs and provide special savings.

We want your business no matter what, so don't worry about where the Dreamsicle is. Give us the chance to show you what we can do for you.

So that we don't clog your email, this blog will be your link to "Where's the Dreamsicle". What is the "Dreamsicle" you ask? Our truck is called the "Dreamsicle" because she is orange with a white refrigerated trailer.  

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