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This page is to honor our those individuals that we admire by sharing tidbits about their business, highlighting their products that we personally love, and providing links to their websites.  

Thank you to all that we serve!!

2021 Bottle 38

March 2021

2021 Bottle 38

The TWGGA (Texas Wine and Grape Growers Association) annual conference started as an online forum on March 2 to March 10.  The annual conference is a lovely mix between networking, learning, and all-day wine drinking.  Even though I have been mostly dry since February 1, I decided that I needed to partake in a mostly all-day drinking adventure to commemorate the event, even though the usual networking would not be what it was in years past.  Some of the bottles of wine were consumed during the forum and others were consumed because my truck driving husband was home for several days.   

Truthteller Winery Miscreant Project 2018 TMP Gobsmack’d – this was a hubs pour on March 10.  To be honest I cannot find the empty bottle.  He may have thrown it away, but I doubt it.  This is a Syrah 50%, Grenache 25%, and Mourvedre 25% blend.  The sales price is like $17 a bottle.  It is a hugely easy drinker and an incredible value. The standard nose and palate are what you expect with medium body.

Check out this wine on the Truth Teller website.

Update:  I did finally find the bottle on March 21 (that makes 6 days lost).  He didn't drink the whole bottle, but came close. 😘😄🙃

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